Kingdom of Arie Series

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The newest creation from author
Alexandra Livingston!

03/14/20147 - As my main webpage states, KABAM! will be put on hiatus this year, but will return stronger than ever next year. Also, I am still editing Book 3: Legacies and when I am happy with it, I will publish it. I'm thinking Summer or Christmas this year so you won't have long to wait! If you haven't visited my main page, here is the new cover art:

10/14/2016 - Though it's late in coming, I uploaded the ebook version of Kingdom of Arie: Journeys. It's available for $4.99 on or
If you're interested in the physical book, I have them available at my consignment gig at Primp My Pet in downtown Kingman, AZ.
03/19/2016 - Kingdom of Arie: Journeys is set to come out April 23rd, 2016 at KABAM 2016!! Yay! Come out and see me and purchase a book to have it signed by the author!

My intent is to fill this sister website with content relating to both the settings and characters of the series. I'm going to be promoting more than ever and if I've piqued your interest then spread the word! You have the power with word of mouth! Let everyone know a fantastic fantasy novel is on its way!!