Kingdom of Arie Series

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Are you Team Baske?

Or Team Edmund?

(Above image is Murtagh from Eragon so obviously - not mine)

Commander Baske Eassen of Her Highness' Royal Forces

Origin of Birth: Ba-Rei Clan

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9"

Age: 19

Birth date: 9-16

Family: Father - Verr Blackfeather, Mother: Vitaliya Eassen Younger sisters: Len (8), Aimee (5)

Education: Academy of the Four Winds, graduated age 16, given mission to protect the princess age 17

History: As of yet unknown.
(The above image does not belong to me)

Edmund Astrophel of Euken

Origin of Birth: Kingdom of Euken

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Light brown/tan

Height: 5'8"

Age: 19

Birth date: 6-17

Family: Father: King Henry Astrophel, Mother: Queen Keren Oakenfaire

Education: Academy of the Four Winds, honorary graduate with Honors, technically did not take his final exams due to family emergency back in his homeland.

History: As of yet unknown.